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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching, Mental Health


The only thing to fear is fear itself

Venus Cow says "Fear keeps you stuck in frustration and failure."

Open your journal and make a list of your fears. this is the first step to overcoming them. Set yourself some simple milestones and be happy and congratulate yourself when you achieve them. Keeping a journal will allow you to understand your fears and anxieties much better and with patience you will start to respond to fear in a different way.

To have the happy life you desire, you have to take some risks and step into a world of unlimited possibilities. Practise and learn the way you respond to fear by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Venus Cow says, "The only thing to fear is fear itself."

It is important for you to understand what you know for sure to be real, instead of what you fear. It is time to look fear in the face and do something you believe you cannot do as you will never discover how to climb the mountain in you until you begin the climb. Once you have made a list of your fears and the things that make you feel scared and anxious chose one of them and begin the process. Feeling scared makes you worry and worry will influence your actions negatively.

Learn to look at the challenge in a non emotional way and view your fear from an objective place with an open mind. Be honest with yourself, tell yourself the truth to see the situation more accurately. It is much easier to take the risk when you truly believe you can overcome your fear. Fear is only real when you believe it is real.

Wisdom comes from seeing unlimited possibilities around us. When you choose to live your life through a narrow vision you become narrow yourself. When you look at the wide panorama, you are able to overcome fear. In your journal you have to face it.

So the next time you start feeling anxious or nervous make a conscious effort to say to yourself, it is happening, I am afraid. By acknowledging fear and recognising the pattern then consciously allowing the feelings to happen as an outside observer you will eventually learn how to master fear by taking control of it. Once again learning some self mastery and self control will give you the desire to avoid out of control excess of anything that will lead to negative consequences or unhealthy temptations.


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