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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: My Style

Advanced Style

Age is nothing but a state of mind when it comes to advanced styling. There are no rules but there are some good advice guidelines that may help when embarking on advanced style.

Dressing the older body is less about the clothes and more about personal attitude, so it’s always important to not be influenced by what you think you know or have learned from magazines. Why do women when they get to a certain age, get their hair chopped off? In reality, nothing looks more old fashioned and aging that a short hair cut on a mature face. Great looking hair is always about making it look the best it can by taking good care of what you have. We achieve this by what we put in our bodies, not what we put on our bodies. Eating avocado daily will help maintain thick shiny hair as you age because it contains masses of natural oils and vitamins.

We have to learn to think for ourselves and think out side the box if you want to lift life and look good on a budget.

Venus Cow says, "Style must be very individual. It is having confidence in how you live."

Style is more than just about the clothes you wear. Effortless style comes with lifestyle and changing the shape of your body, so we must never give up when we feel like we are out of date and out of touch.

Even over 50, you want to be noticed and complimented without being compromised, so learn to style things that give the illusion of a twenty-year-old body under a well-draped garment using structured underwear, which will keep everyone wondering.

Venus Cow says, "Hold your head up high and don’t let life pass you by."

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