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Can Old Be Sexy?
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: For Older women

Can Old Be Sexy?

So the answer is a resounding Yes. And who doesn't want to be eternally youthful, the key to being a sexy older woman.

Although sadly, in our society, only the male species are granted eternal sexy. Take Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, the sexiest 72 year old grandad on the planet but when it comes to a woman like Uma Thurman, who at 50 finds herself out to pasture doing car commercials for Alfa Romeo (when she was only 41 - no jobs in Hollywood for women over 40) even though voted one of the sexiest women alive;

Think about the statements, Looking good for your age and Looking bad for your age? Now think about your behaviours.

Ask yourself who makes up these rules about age, aging and age appropriate?

The brutal truth is getting old for women is much more brutal than getting old for men. Wise women who don't rely on men chasing to be the motivating factor to remaining at their optimum ironically are the one's men chase. These women make men chase because they know men cannot resist what they cannot have.

It's a man's world so women have to fight harder and be more determined to remain vital, exciting and useful in middle and old age. Let's face it young women tend to be much more naive and easier for men to handle and manipulate. Perhaps why lots of older women complain in therapy of feeling lonely, cast aside or on the heap.

Here are 5 top tips to help keep you appealing to the opposite sex whatever your age.

1. Sharpen your memory and your mind with anti aging brain teasers.

2. Avoid scooped necklines and sleeveless tops which only accentuate your saggy bits.

3. Don't wear a V neck, give good eye contact and direct any peering eyes upwards into yours.

4. Never use soap on your face, instead gently scrub away dead cells with sea salt or sugar.

5. Drink plenty of water for vitality.

Brown age spots caused by sun exposure are always a tell tale sign of your age, not very sexy so use this top tip to get rid of them.

Mix some castor oil and crushed grape seeds. Apply twice daily to exfoliate and within a month you will see the spots disappearing before your eyes.

Finally we can all smell younger, apparantly. Tests have shown that people who wear perfumes that contain pink grapefruit appeared to the opposite sex, 6 years younger than their actual age.

Eat a grapefruit in the morning for fat fighting positives and vitamin C immune system boost. Before a hot bath fill the inside of the pink grapefruit skin you ate for breakfast with unscented thick body cream and apply liberally afterwards. You'll smell fabulous on a budget keeping them all guessing your real age.

Photo by: Anne Nygard


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