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Dress For Drama
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Styling and Shopping Advice, Style Tips, Fashion Confidence, My Style

Dress For Drama

You are in charge and you create your own destiny so it stands to reason, common sense, if you are ready, when life does throw you an unexpected opportunity and the more you are prepared and expect them, the more they come, the greater your chance of landing that massive deal, getting that dream job or bagging that hot date.

I think therefore I am, I think.

I say it a lot. Life is not a destination but a journey. And as we age our gusto wains, our style changes and usually with time our fashion confidence diminishes.

Every time you step outside your front door you are likely to face endless possibilities. Being caught without your slap on, looking more like Maureen than Madonna, will certainly not get your face on the front cover of Hello magazine but more importantly how you look changes the way people respond to you.

Looking our best, we give off different more postive vibes people will pick up on. You know you always feel better when you've made more of an effort.

"All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players." How true are Shakespeare quotes, words from As You Like It.

Change the way you think about every day presenting a host of new opportunities and dressing for the drama of your life becomes the mantra every woman on the planet, regardless of shape, size or age, should chant. When you make an effort every day, over time people notice that effort, they are attracted to it. On so many ocassions I have got something done, ceased an opportunity, especially on TV simply because I was ready and it was last minute.

In Hollywood dressing up is often about dressing down but always about impressing. When you look a million dollars, as if you just stepped out of a Bentley on Rodeo Drive, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to achieving anything. Adding drama to your life through your creativity in your clothes is possible even if you are completely broke. There's loads of stuff in your wardrobe full of styling potential, you just have look at it with fresh excited eyes.

The secret to be your own stylist. Think about your life being one big drama, you are centre stage. Style comes with confidence and confidence in anything only comes with repeated practise. Think about the fear, anxiety, nerves, when you took your driving test and now think about how driving quickly becomes second nature, something you do without even thinking.

Like many of us you may have a wardrobe full of clothes and not a thing to wear but if you sort what you have out and look at it with fresh eyes there's at least one killer complete outfit in everyone's closet.

You can create anything you desire so imagine the woman you want to be if only you had the guts and what she might wear, then the clothes you choose to dress her need to tell the story.


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