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Afraid of Dying?
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Afraid of Dying?
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Positive Thinking, Personal Development

Afraid of Dying?

How can we ever be prepared for death or unafraid to die?

Most people today are more afraid of dying than they are of living, which doesn’t really make sense in a world where many are addicted to booze, pills, food, sex and risk taking. Life is fragile just like your machine (body), which works perfectly on its own. The only thing you have to do is give it fuel, like putting petrol in your car. If your battery is low you recharge it. So you must do the same with your body. The truth is, if you are not in control of your actions, i.e. you are drinking too much, eating too much, smoking too much, the risk of dying is way higher than someone who has mastered controlled indulgence.

  • Ask yourself this question and write down the answer. “If I died today how would I feel about myself?”
  • Next go to your journal and write your own tombstone, epitaph. Would you want it to say,

“Here lies Susan Smith who died fat, frumpy and forgotten with not an ounce of confidence to be able to do anything about it.”


“Here lies Susan Smith, who died rejoicing, ravishing and remembered, flying out sideways saying that was one hell of a ride.”

It is so important your life matters, not so much when you are dead but whilst you are living so live every day completely. Drive and spirit is free and lives forever so make sure you nurture yours every day by doing something good for you and watch your fear fade away.

It is time to stop clinging on to life and start living each moment, even if the moment is mundane and difficult because your life is a gift. It is really important to not wait for your future to arrive because while you are doing this you miss the moment, the now, your life. The future does not exist so waiting for it and missing what does exist, the moment, will leave you stuck in a rut and in constant fear.

There is only one thing you can be completely certain of in this life and that is, we all die.

Your past is already dead. It is gone so get to grips with the present. Begin to recognize you are in charge of your destiny whilst ever you are here. It is controlled by what you do, your choices. If you want to change your life you are so afraid of losing then respect it, take care of it, nurture it and stop fearing losing it. If you are obese and you have fatty liver disease, you are slowly killing yourself and you are going to die if you do not change your eating habits. If you are drinking a bottle of vodka a night without any thought for your health you are slowly destroying your internal organs and slowly but surely your body will give up and die.

Be afraid of that cream cake instead. Don’t wait till its too late to change.

We go about our day to day life almost like we are in a trance with little awareness around us of who we hurt, who we judge, who we dismiss and in reality that is not living, so we are dead anyway.

Learn to stop being on auto pilot, going through the motions, doing what you do everyday because that is what you do and take a step back to reflect what your life actually means to you and be aware of its value.

The truth in the end is everyone dies but not everyone lives. Don't miss your moment. It's right now.

Photo by: Dollar Gill Unsplash

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