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Food Addiction
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Addictive Patterns

Food Addiction

So how to break away from your fridge and break your food addiction

How to give up an eating addiction?

Venus Cow says, "You are what you eat and must learn how to break away from your food addiction."

Firstly, we must accept that addiction is about complete loss of control which leaves us physiologically and mentally dependent upon the things we crave, i.e. food, shopping, drugs, sex, gambling.

Food addiction is the root cause of obesity in the western world and is similar to all other addictions. Obesity is a form of compulsive overeating the types of food which activates our Bliss Point, when our brain produces a feeling of intense pleasure.

Over consumption of high calorie junk food can trigger an immediate high which leaves us feeling guilty leading to depression.

To discover why you are addicted to such foods you have to look at your behaviour, your bad habits and recognise too much sugar or salt can be as addictive as cocaine or heroin. When compulsive, obsessive food addiction spirals out of control it is usually because of our emotions or stress.

Ask yourself these questions and if you answer Yes, you are an addict, self harming and on your way to an early grave.

  1. Do you eat food when you are not hungry, sad, lonely or down?
  2. Do you over eat in secret when you are alone, even though you know what you are doing may be harmful you do it anyway?
  3. Do you always feel bad or guilty after you have pigged out?

So how to break away from your fridge and break your food addiction?

Like any other addiction you have to face yourself and tell yourself the truth. Self harming or eating yourself to death will never make you happy, only leave you in constant misery. Sugar addiction can lead to other addictions like alcoholism or harder substance abuse and is often the cause of relapse in recovery.

Venus Cow says, "Refined white sugar is a pleasure drug. They don't call it comfort food by accident."

Anxiety and addiction go hand in hand. Turning to alcohol, fags, food and shopping becomes a way to comfort ourselves when we feel anxious. The never ending treadmill when we just want to be happy. Easy access to highly palatable food produces the reward response in the brain leading to compulsive eating behaviour and subsequent obesity, similar to the changes in the dopamine reward responses associated with heroin addiction.

I have found trying to give up addiction cold turkey is rarely successful in the long run but swapping one addiction for another less harmful addiction like a 10 minute walk, meditation or yoga stretch followed by a large portion of sugary fruit like pineapple or banana, your reward it's possible to change your behaviour slowly and successfully over the long term.

Understanding every different type of naturally sourced food, anything not in a packet has a reason to be consumed other than pleasure is essential education. What is from the earth is the greatest of worth and by eating yourself beautiful instead you'll be on your way to looking but more importantly feeling amazing, something you'll get a natural high from. Challenge yourself to broaden your food horizons, instead of 30 countries in as many days why not try 30 new fruits and vegetables, tickle your taste buds and find out what you actually like and don't outside the usually fast food comfort eating regime.

Many people have preconceived ideas about food. Your thoughts are not facts. We've all heard people say "I don't like this" "I can't eat that" some people even go as far as saying they are allergic to get out of eating certain foods. I recommend stretching yourself to try things again, like beetroot or sweet potato, both miracle foods with a more open mind. Tell yourself before you try you are giving your body a gift, beautiful healthy nutrients it needs to perform at it's best and then see how you feel.

Avocados are packed with essential nutrients, including potassium, B-vitamins and folic acid. They also act as a so-called nutrient booster; when eaten with other foods and enable the body to better absorb cancer-fighting nutrients, such as carotenoids, found in vegetables like spinach and carrots.

Eating avocados has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and they are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, including oleic acid, which offers significant protection against breast cancer.

The potassium content in avocados regulates blood pressure and helps guard against heart disease and strokes, as well as aiding digestion and helping the body flush out toxins.

So come on ladies, stop persecuting the avocado because you think they are fattening, it’s a miracle food full of vitamin E and the secret to looking 10 years younger. A large avocado contains 400 calories of good, wholesome fat. A Mars bar contains 230 calories but is nowhere near as good for you. Read the 6 reasons I eat avocado every day.

Photo by: Artem Labunsky Unsplash

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