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Discover Your Soul Tutorial
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, November 24, 2020 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials, Advanced Personal Development

Discover Your Soul Tutorial

Your soul’s purpose is the reason you are here on this earth at this time and what you are looking for or seeking in your life is probably connected to your soul’s purpose. It is an aspect of your life that drives and moves you forward yet most of us dismiss it as unimportant.

To truly understand your soul you must recognise, rather than following the path dictated by someone else, you must live your chosen dreams because once you are connected to your authentic purpose, you are more motivated and intrinsically much happier.

Try and think about your soul as your most loyal friend and confidant who would without doubt help you tear down the false wall you have put up between your mind and your spirit preventing you experiencing a more fulfilling life.   

We all have times in our lives when we become confused, lost and disappointed about the path we have chosen to walk. Often, we can have it all, a great job, good relationships, and financial security but we can still feel empty like something is missing. We begin to question why we are here? What's the point?

This is the time for reflection and recognising that the empty hole in your soul needs filling with something more than the standard trappings of success. It is a time to look closely at your values and really look objectively at your life as it is, not easy but critical if you desire true happiness and peace.

Looking within and deeply analysing with true honesty your behaviour and life choices, never over-thinking but learning to master your lying mind and mental processing, even for a few moments at a time will encourage the true you to emerge. True happiness does not depend on external circumstances but always comes from the inner self and you truly begin to understand this when you learn it is more important to contribute to life rather than what you can get out of life. 

So how do you discover your soul?

Start spending time in isolation and be present within yourself giving your mind a chance to rest and replenish itself. This will feel very strange to begin with because you are so used to mind chaos and over thinking every move you make, so be mindful of this feeling and let it go.

Getting to understand your soul through isolation basically soul searching must be done with complete self-compassion because being kind to yourself is necessary as you begin to face your truth. It is very easy to berate yourself, we all do it when faced with our life mistakes. The inner critic just waits in the shadows to let you know how much you have messed things up and is an expert in making you feel useless and insecure.

Spend more time alone with nature outside in the fresh air with the elements because it will put things into perspective and connect you to something much bigger, stronger and more powerful than you. Begin to practise mindful meditation in the bigger picture connecting to your mind, body, and spiritual well-being. Mediation changes brain activity and is not just about feeling calmer. It not only helps with our physical health; it can help you to tap into your inner wisdom which also helps to reduce stress and defy the aging process. 

I have learnt through my own journey inwards and discovering the most important part of my inner world, my soul, that the future belongs to those who can dream beyond reality. Let go today of obstacles and barriers getting in the way of the future you deserve by creating a vision, sticking to it until it manifests before your very eyes.    

Photo by: Adrian Winther

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