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Extra Care For Healthy Hair
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, September 13, 2013 / Categories: On A Budget, Beauty On A Budget, Hair

Extra Care For Healthy Hair

How do we get fabulous, thick looking, shiny hair when we have no extra money to spare?

The truth is the less you mess with your hair the better it is and the longer you can go without washing the better your hair will look when you do.

Never wash your hair with hot water, I always use cold, the colder the better. Add some baking soda to your shampoo and watch the chemicals and gunk just disappear or if you have some apple cider vinegar, it works just as well. Baking soda is also good to help lighten hair, so it works really well on blond locks.

A great way to condition your hair if it is very dry and brittle is to take some butter or margerine and rub in the ends, you will be amazed at the condition when you are done. If you have any flat beer left over from the night before, it is perfect mixed with a little lukewarm water as a final rinse for extra shine.

As we all know beauty on the outside comes from the inside, we are what we eat and that applies to your hair too. Whilst the colour and hair type is down to genetics, there are many really good vitamins that can help give us thick, shiny, stronger hair like vitamin A and C which are the nutrient antioxidants found in peppers, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Simply taking the time to brush your hair every day, sounds crazy but the natural oils you produce are utilised root to end just by brushing your hair and plaiting it (if long enough) protects the hair from split ends and breakage. As we age of course the condition and thickness of our hair detoriates, why many cut their hair short but I still believe styling long hair is easier than short as it doesn't have to be done every day and longer hair is cheaper to maintain, a short look needs hair stylist maintenence every 6 weeks.

My best budget hair care top tip is the humble pumpkin seed which provides good nutrients for hair. To keep your hair colour really radiant; the vitamin B6 contained in avocado, bananas, mackerel and sardines is brilliant to prevent hair loss and will help produce extra melanin giving natural colour a boost.

Photo by: Tamara Bellis Unsplash

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