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What Is From The Earth Is The Greatest Of Worth
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, September 14, 2013 / Categories: On A Budget, Daily Routine, Food and Drink, Free Tips That Work

What Is From The Earth Is The Greatest Of Worth

Pumpkin Seed Fest

Pumpkin seeds are a "super food". The seeds are rich in the amino acids, alanine, glycine and glutamic acid, also containing high amounts of zinc, Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Full of heart healthy magnesium, they also contain high quantities of protein and essential trace minerals copper, iron, phosphorous and a tablespoon a day would be a good addition to any healthy diet, particularly for vegans and vegetarians. Pumpkin seeds are also low in carbohydrates and know to lower chlosterol thus lowering your chance of heart disease or stoke.

Pumpkin seeds, and the oil they contain, have long been used as a medicine. China and India collectively harvest over 10 million tons a year. Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds may reduce hormonal damage to prostate cells, benign prostatic hyperplasia of (BPH) or enlarged prostate is a common condition for men over 50 thus possibly reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. Homeopaths use the seeds to treat urinary tract infections.

Pumpkins are a tasty source of vitamins and minerals, particularly beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. Like most seeds, Pumpkin seeds are especially delicious roasted because roasting helps bring out their natural flavour. And especially for the girls, pumkin seed oil has been hailed for its ability to reverse and combat hair loss, stop hideous hormonal headaches and hot flashes, our one stop all natural survival kit for menopause. Pumkins seeds are the menopause cure all.

Archeologists have found evidence in Mexico, Pumkin seeds are native to North and South America and were brought to Europe by Spanish explorers, plants have been improved and grown there for over 10,000 years way longer than beans, maize or other staple food stuffs.

When my life suddenly change over night I had to look to old ways to find new ways for me to achieve the health and beauty results I needed for recovery but on a serious budget and pumkin seeds are one of natures miracles I always have to hand.

To help keep hair thick and healthy my hot tip is to eat a handful a day. Forget expensive hair extensions, shampoos and treatments, sprinkle this super food over a salad. It is a very inexpensive way to restore and strengthen your hair and nails.

Photo by: engin akyurt Unsplash

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