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Happiness Comes From Gratitude
Venus Cow Admin / Wednesday, July 24, 2013 / Categories: Wellbeing

Happiness Comes From Gratitude

Happiness is not about how much money you make or how good looking you are, it’s not even about first dates, wedding days or vacations, it’s about living life to the full without manufactured scenarios getting in the way.

It is vital when seeking true happiness that you have a purpose in this life, the one thing you cannot live without. Living the dream is all about working at what you love because when you work at what you love, you never work again. It may seem a little hopeless right now, if you are a genius photographer but cannot afford to buy a camera and your dream is to take pictures for a living. It is a fact most of us have been pushed into degrees, jobs and lives, manufactured by others, to make sure we have security for the future, yet in reality we end up resentful, bored and just making ends meet.

Whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in, money is not the route to true happiness, so financial suffering is not an obstacle when looking for our purpose. Of course we have to eat and survive, so taking a small job to help pay to prepare to live the dream, is essential.

Finding out what you are good at and what comes naturally is not easy, especially if your whole life has been spent in a back office and center stage is your goal and ambition. It may take a lifetime to go from being a boring accountant in Broad-marsh to being a stage sensation on Broadway but better to be on the journey than stuck static in the station.

Creating something to look forward to is something we must do in order to fend off depression and failure of the past, which although gone, many are unable to forgive and forget. Every day we must indulge in doing things that will make us happier.

Do something nice for someone else without payment or thanks. Doing is about action and action gets results.

Help a stranger or a homeless person by lending an ear without judging.

Spend quality time with friends you love without booze or a social motive.

Hug someone randomly in a genuine caring way.

Think about others above your own needs and learn to forget about your own problems.

Happiness is the missing key to your life because with happiness comes a better person with better relationships. Only ever keep track of the good things you do and not the negative things and every night before sleep go over the good things again and again feeling gratitude. Physically counting your blessings in your meditation works, I have found being thankful to be the main ingredient to becoming a happier person.

Photo by: Madalin Tudose Unsplash

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