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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Understanding this universal law may be the key to getting what you want

Venus Cow says, "Better to be alone than wish you were alone."

How true is that? The truth is we all think we need someone else to make it all alright, someone to make it all better. If you think back to childhood and those bedtime fairy tales they always end at the wedding. No one seems to have any information on what Happily Ever After actually means. Women are programmed from birth to hook someone, fall in love, marry, start a family and skip off into the sunset. We’ve all done it. Getting dressed up to look the best we can in order to attract a mate. It works after 10 trips to the same bar, week after week, until you finally hook one after a few gin and tonics at midnight and before you know it you are naked in his bed and waking up with a bad head.

You think you’ve got a boyfriend and he thinks he’s got to go.

Venus Cow says, “Do the deal before you do the deed.”

Ask any man before you have sex, are we an item or am I just a random shag? At least this gives you the chance to avoid the walk of shame the following morning.

The law of attraction for Venus Cow is simple. We only ever attract ourselves. If you smoke you will attract a smoker. If you pretend you don’t smoke to attract a non-smoker because you really fancy him sooner or later he will find out and dump you. The truth is, when you love yourself completely it is impossible to love someone else more.

Attraction and what we believe to be love, is sex. Sex gives us a feeling Venus Cow calls the "Love Drug". You know that intoxicating feeling that preoccupies your mind, body and life isolating you from all reality. When we are in this state we are capable of saying anything to get what we want. The key is making sure we still want it after we have got it.

Photo by: Djim Loic Unsplash

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