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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Positive Thinking, Personal Development


Regret is a feeling of missed opportunity. The feeling we did something wrong, made a bad decision or a poor choice in hindsight or weren't brave enough to speak out.

Everyday is another chance to change your life. Sometimes what seems to be the worst mistake can actually turn out for the best, so it's time to live without regret. You may have things in your past that you regret but don’t run away from them, learn to face them instead. By making a list and identifying all the things you feel you have missed out on because you did not take a risk or did not have the guts to be honest with yourself or others about, you are likely to be braver next time.

Wishing you could go back and do things differently is pointless, that time has passed and things have changed.

The past has made you who you are today. Your choices have led you to this place. Common sense tells us by making small changes, like including a daily meditation in your routine, you'll get a different outcome over time.

We must learn to live life like there is never an end, with intention and value in every moment, even the stillness and the silence, everything we touch, see, feel, experience and learn. If we can learn to detach from the way we think life should be and accept things as they happen, good or bad, as what is meant to be we find life circumstances affect us less and regretful thoughts and feelings diminish replaced by calm acceptance.

The human brain is a powerful computer that doesn't make mistakes, it remembers every instruction we give it. Many people wrongly believe forgiveness is something you give to another but it is the antidote for both regret and darker resentful feelings that stem from regret like blame. Forgiveness is something for YOU. Forgiveness must be nurtured as a core value because harbouring resentment is bad for your health not anyone elses.

Anyone who has never made a mistake in life has never tried anything new. When you change the way you think about mistakes, you start to see them as a blessing not a curse, an opportunity to learn and grow, you become more forgiving of yourself, nobody's perfect and the more you forgive the less you regret. It's a fact.

As life passes us by it is not always the things we did that we regret but the things we did not do, those missed opportunities but it’s never too late, so don’t wait. When we listen to ourselves and not to others we make the best decisions and those we rarely regret. So start listening to your inner voice and instead of being ashamed, embarrased or regretful of your mistakes, be grateful and learn from your mistakes instead.

You are who you are today because of the choices you made yesterday. So logically the choices you make today will define and determine where you find yourself tomorrow.

If you totally regret eating that extra cream cake yesterday or drinking that second bottle of wine before bed, recognize you will pay for it today when you step on the scales or reach for the asprin.

It's time to forgive yourself, let it all go once and for all and live your life to the fullest going forward. When I die I want to slide out sideways saying "that was one hell of a ride". I want to die absolutely die with no regrets. My advice if you do too, don’t seek approval from others if you don't want to be disappointed.

Listen only to your own heart and your own truth and you'll be so busy getting on with things you'll never think again about what you should have, could have or didn’t do.

Photo by: NeONBRAND Unsplash

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