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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Personal Development, Daily Routine, Meditation


When we meditate we are all travellers on a journey to our best self

Developing the proficiency to empty you mind and focus entirely on your breath for an extended period of time, i.e. becoming skilled at Meditation takes an enormous amount of practise but it is the first step to self mastery. Learning to watch and then take control of what is going on in your head is the one thing you have to get really good at if you want to be and feel happy all the time. To do this you have to learn to detach and observe yourself. I require anyone coming to me for free life coaching to commit to a daily meditation. It is the single most important thing I do every day and as you become more aware you will discover different types of meditation, all equally valuable.

What is meditation for?

To escape from your daily life and give it some distance and perspective. In order to change your life you must become more efficient and productive. Knowledge is critical for us to keep evolving. We must learn how to be silent, connect to nature and get in touch with our potential uncovering layers of possibilities from the universe. OK. Slap in the face. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to lay down and close your eyes.

Venus Cow says “Your bed will do.”

Breath in slowing through your nose and out through your mouth, clear your mind of all other thoughts. Relax, let yourself drift as you feel your body becoming limp and heavy. As you get better at breathing and sitting alone in a room in silence you will start to unravel all the pieces in your life and slowly put them back together again but the most important thing at the beginning is to recognise nothing is going to miraculously happen overnight and you are not doing it wrong because you don't feel different immediately. We must persevere, believe in the process. The more you try to empty your mind the more you will understand how full and out of control it is. When we are able to quieten our mind and put ourselves in harmony with nature we create care free love and joy nurturing divinity from within. Everything comes from our senses.

When we meditate we are all travellers on a journey, life is eternal but our experiences are momentary, transient and a gift.

It is a fact miracles happen. I have experienced so many I've lost count but the one thing I've learned without a doubt, you don't get the miracles until you do the work on your meditation.

Venus Cow says “You don’t get miracles until you commit to meditation and practise the silence within.”

It is important to say here I am not in anyway religious nor do I subscribe to faith based teaching or dogma. Everything I teach as a free life coach is based on my own personal experience of self discovery and self mastery on my journey to self actualisation after losing 7M on the stock market and ending up in a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. My thinking at the time I'd learn to meditate, things could get any worse.

When you are able to detach completely from external circumstances, you are able to reach a higher level of consciousness. The truth is all man’s misery comes from being unable to be alone. When you finally learn to stop in your tracks and have a good talk with yourself the confessions will cleanse you of everything clouding your judgement.

Like with everything in life to become skilled you have to practise your meditation practice so don't expect the miracles to come overnight. And don't expect to reap the rewards if you're not prepared to do the work. Think of your meditation practice as the most important daily thing you do before anything else. It has to be your priority because if not it's easy to skip in favour of something you believe to be more pressing like breakfast or getting kids off to school.

Twelve months from when you begin you'll look forward to your meditation in the same way you might look forward to a glass of wine or your favourite take out today.

Meditation Equals Peace Equals Enlightenment

Photo by Alice Maria Caboni/Pexels


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