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Career And Purpose
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Career And Purpose
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: My Life, Lifestyle Choices

Career And Purpose

When it comes to your career, when preparation meets opportunity you get luck.

Have you ever asked yourself "What's my purpose?"

No? So sitting at home dreaming of being a famous singer is pointless if you cannot sing. If you are ever fortunate enough bump into Simon Cowell you will never be prepared. Finding out what you are good at, what your passion is, is important if you don't want to end up trapped doing a job you hate. you may dream of starting your own business but if you are not passionate you won't be able to stay the course.

Venus Cow says “If you work at what you love you will never work again.

You may be thinking easier said than done but actually it is possible to start a business with very little money. The internet is a good place to start. Come up with an idea that will offer it’s users something online for free. Think about FaceBook and Yahoo, both sell nothing yet post million dollar profits. Create a blog or website for free.Take in people’s ironing and washing or start your own cleaning company for your friends and neighbours, too busy to do it themselves.

To market your business get some personalized business cards. Now take the cards and put them in your local shop, chippy, post office offering your services and see what happens.

Working for yourself gives you the freedom to not be a slave to the clock, tick tock, giving you time to do all the things that keep you fit, healthy and happy. Life is short and working to live instead of living to work can result in stress and depression.

Venus Cow says, "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success."

If you are overweight and out of work start your own dog walking business. If you bake cakes, don’t eat them sell them instead to local businesses, friends and neighbours. There is always someone who will pay you to save them time. Worse case scenario if work is not an option because you are just plain lazy do a car boot sale and get rid of all that rubbish cluttering up your life at least.

Our search for meaning is blocked by what we have been taught by others who believe in good faith they have all the answers and solutions how to navigate life and give us purposeful meaning in the end. The truth is only you can discover your true purpose by listening to only yourself and learning what makes you happy.

If you are a brilliant painter and your dream is to become a well renowned artist, the best on the planet but your parents want you to take the safe option and become an accountant, chances are you will make them happy and yourself miserable. Living your life to please someone else is never the right path.

When you set a goal, have intention and aim high you reach your purpose, the thing you live for that makes you happy and not anyone else. We have to find what we really love to do and do our best to make it our goal and purpose then give it everything we have so we are fulfilled and not constantly complaining.

If your purpose is finding a job where you can jump out of bed every morning singing and enthusiatically rush to get started, you will find you have little time to wish your life away and you will be happy. Start to think about what you would love to do with your life, writing down your ideas makes them real and will encourage you to start thinking about how to do it instead of writing off your idea as impossible. Find out what you are really good at, what your talent is, your natural gift and then see how that could fit into starting your own business or adding value to an existing business.

Venus Cow says, "Make it your purpose to live out the dream until it becomes your reality."

Photo by: Markus Spiske

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