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My Mood Changes With The Weather
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My Mood Changes With The Weather
Venus Cow Admin / Monday, August 26, 2013 / Categories: Daily Routine, Wellbeing

My Mood Changes With The Weather

Does your mood change with the weather? Do you find you are miserable when the weather is miserable?

If you are lucky to live in LA where the sun always shines it's unlikely to be the weather bringing you down, but likely it'll be something else. I can imagine many reading this blog title will right now be thinking, alright for you to say, my life stinks and being positive long enough to continue reading on will take much convincing and for those people, let’s begin.  If you wake up with a bad hangover, a headache, no memory and on the floor in a stranger’s house, thinking positive is impossible because you would not be happy, just desperate to remember in order to operate again.

Thinking positive must always kick in before you convince yourself you need a drink or cigarette to get you through it because once you think you can, you will. Action speaks louder than words, so doing something positive to change and not talking about doing it, is the simplest way to a better, healthier, happier you.

If the weather dictates your mood and dull wet cold damp Monday mornings trigger negative thoughts leading to a fait accompli, your head is going back under the duvet, recognize in the UK, most of your life will be spent in bed, depressed. Like the warm summer, the cold winter is just as wonderful and worth celebrating because every day could be your last. If you still let the weather dictate your moods, knowing it could be your last day living, you are already dead.

Being happy positive and always looking forward, never back, only in a straight line to where you know deep down you belong, is not a happy clappy life coaching mantra to get you started, it’s just plain common sense. We often see the weather as life limiting, particularly in the UK where it can change in the blink of an eye. When the weather is grim I watch out for a break and will change my schedule at the drop of a hat to get outside for 30 minutes. Being flexible is the key and even on really grim days a lunch time stroll round the block is often enough for a kick of serotonin. Try and see the seasons as part of the renewal of nature and look for the beauty in a freezing cold morning or an April shower. When you are looking forward to something your life always seems much brighter, lighter and much easier to manage on a cold damp Monday mornings or a wet weekend.


Photo by Teksomolika Freepik.com


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