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Power To The People Not To The Christmas Lights
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Power To The People Not To The Christmas Lights
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, November 26, 2013 / Categories: Life Coaching, On Life

Power To The People Not To The Christmas Lights

OK today I am really trying to be positive as I have a lot to look forward to but in my free life coaching sessions for those who are lost outside the system, the homeless, the addicted, the under privileged, small business owners crippled by banks and payday loan victims dreading another Christmas and I am struggling to remain upbeat.

I want to ask some questions to the government, the council and big business, including the banks about why this country is so corrupt and those who need support the most are being pushed to almost suicide.

To the councils across the country:

Why, when we have an energy crisis, Meals on Wheels have no funding and many are choosing putting on the heating instead of feeding their kids, do we have Christmas lights on 4 weeks before the actual day 25th?

To the banks:

How do you all sleep at night and expect to remain in business when your ethics and practices actually prevent growth and prosperity?

To The Prime Minister:

Why do you think the country is back on track and the economy growing when I see something completely different in the trenches every day?

We need a revolution and the poor need a voice!

Photo by: Jonathan Wilson Rosas Pena

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