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Self Therapy Tutorial
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials, Coping Strategies

Self Therapy Tutorial

The greatest skill you'll ever master

When you begin to discover self therapy you start to look closely at your thoughts and your beliefs as well as begin to understand the links to your behaviors, moods and reactions, helping you develop new skills in order to replace old habits and patterns. The first step to mastering self therapy is to make a list of all the things you wish to address, then discover and learn to develop realistic goals you are able to reach by regularly working on yourself.

If you spend your whole life in a negative emotional state, always looking at the downside, the black side, feeling constantly hopeless, ashamed, guilty, everything you do will be affected which will keep you from enjoying your life to the full. If you’re whole existence is about living with negative behaviors, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, avoidance, you are not facing your truth or taking any personal responsibility towards discovering true happiness, therefore truly need to begin some self therapy.

When we are in a negative emotional state, even if we appear to be going along with life normally, under the belly we are dying, rotting and falling to bits, causing physical symptoms like constant lack of energy, fear, anxiety or increased heart rate. These symptoms and the negative emotional state can be caused by many different things, like losing your job suddenly, getting divorced, death, loss, so taking an active part in learning to put yourself back together, will benefit your future happiness and help you be free of your demons.

Self therapy is very liberating and freeing. In order to benefit from working on yourself you have to be given the right tools to help you manage your life in a more positive way and these tools can be provided by keeping a journal so you are able to track progress and mend mistakes. Solving any problem takes skill because often we don’t even know why we do or think the way we do because we don’t connect our behavior to our moods.

If you are in a good mood, happy, fulfilled, positive, full of life one minute, then for no reason the mood changes and you sink like the titanic, for no reason, you have to accept that what you are feeling subconsciously, is dictating your life path, preventing you moving forward, Talking a long hard look at who you are and who you want to be will help you establish how much work is needed to put you back together, because we all deserve to be happy and positive.

It's good advice to start a journal, allowing you to keep a diary of your moods, the things that trigger negative thoughts and behaviours. A journal also allows you to monitor your patterns and bad habits, which will provide you the framework to map out your route to happiness for the future, i.e. the changes you plan to make. We are all victims at some time in our lives of hiding behind negative moods but this is not part of our personality like most people believe and we are not stuck with it because we can change, once we face the root cause.

When we feel like we are nothing, not good looking enough, not thin enough, not worthy enough, not funny enough, we are destined to fail in life when it comes to attracting happiness, success and pleasure in to our lives, so understanding and mastering self therapy are great ways to build self esteem and self belief. You begin this process once you accept you are in charge of your own destiny and it is you who is responsible for your choices. Whilst ever you blame others for your own mistakes, you never get anywhere, keeping you stuck in misery.

If you are overweight and you know this is causing you health problems and you also know if you do not change your lifestyle, you are likely to die, losing weight is your only option left if you want to continue living and enjoying your life, so start to take back control by recognizing, you have to eat less, starting today.

Any kind of therapy is good news because facing the brutal truth, then healing yourself is a really amazing boost for anyone's confidence and will leave you lighter and freer to be yourself, the real you, not the little battered person lost somewhere behind a mask of pain, bottle of vodka or big fat cream cake! If you suffer from nervousness and social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, frequent feelings of worry, paranoia and feelings of hopelessness, self therapy will allow you to begin to work through these emotional issues, helping you discover a more balanced mental well-being which will eventually set you free to enjoy your life in full.

Photo by: Alexis Fauvet Unsplash

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