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Shopping Addiction
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Addictive Patterns

Shopping Addiction

Aspiration and status anxiety is responsible for our current misery

Venus Cow says, "Would you consider chopping off your toes to fit into a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes two sizes too small, or buying another pair of black trousers when you already have 10 pairs in your closet?"

Shopping is like drinking. It feels fantastic in the moment but leaves you with nothing more than a headache and a huge credit card bill. When we are young we buy something new to wear every week because we have a life filled full of social activities. But if you feel fat frumpy and forgotten no amount of shopping will give you a lift or the desired look.

Shopping is an instant fix we believe will transport us into a life we dream about but never do anything about getting. What is the point of renting a Louis Vuitton handbag for a week? What happens when we have to give it back? Do we turn into a pumpkin?

Too much shopping may give us the lift we crave just like any other addiction but the feeling is temporary and not the reality. Feelings change. The truth is, if instead of buying another bag because you have already got 100 in your wardrobe give the money to someone homeless instead and experience feeling good for real. Doing something good produces a good feeling. For a lasting boost recall it over and over. Unlike your Cartier, appreciation, appreciates.

Venus Cow says “You cannot eat your Cartier if you are starving. You cannot even sell it for anything near what you paid, so what are we all buying into?”

Aspiration and status anxiety are responsible for our current misery. Remember fashion is a business that goes round and round, you cannot buy style. Style is unique to you and cannot be found anywhere on the high street. Stop looking outward for something to fix you. As Venus Cow has said before, you cannot buy a life at Harrods, only stuff to put into a life.

Changing how and where you shop stops you having to go cold turkey and gives you a different kind of buzz.

First take a detached look at what you already have you never wear, never use, do not like, duplicates, disasters and mistakes and surround yourself with the lot. Now get someone to take a picture and place it on your fridge so the next time you think about your need to shop you may find you already have something similar or the same.

Then if and when shopping is a must, make it an event, go further a field, set a budget and enjoy every moment.

Photo by Andi_Graf/Pixabay


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