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Ten Ways To Have a Happier Festive Season
Venus Cow Admin / Friday, October 4, 2013 / Categories: Life Coaching, Coping Strategies

Ten Ways To Have a Happier Festive Season

When you are broke

The thought of having a happy christmas when you are broke and in lockdown may seem like an imposible challenge. The current economic climate globally has led to many people losing their jobs, resulting in families having to scrimp and save every penny in order to get by. With December 25 just around the corner, waves of anxiety have spread across the country, leaving a lot of people wondering how they will manage to survive.

When it comes to beating the blues of January debt and depression, don’t make the mistake of listening to everyone else. Think only about what you can truly afford to spend. If you’re in debt and still paying off last years credit card bill, then the truth is your Christmas budget for this year is zero. But before you feel inadequate and like a failure, start thinking in a new way.

Ask yourself this question – what does Christmas really mean to me? Actually listen and take notice of your honest response. If you are dreading family feuds, financial worry, weight gain, lack of sleep and over crowded shopping malls, don’t do what you do every year, instead try and find something new to do. Think less about what you want and more about what you have already got.

For some people, it’s not really about financial worry and more about feeling happy. Remember, happiness cannot be bought in any store. Despite what any marketing campaign will have you believe, children, given the choice, would choose you, over a toy, every time.

1. Tell friends and family you are doing something new this Christmas and will not be around for traditional festivities.

2. Lend a hand to the local homeless or animal shelter by volunteering to feed those less fortunate.

3. Go for a long winter ramble or bike ride and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.

4. Do a house swap with another like-minded family and enjoy their collection of books, games and movies as well as a change of scene for free.

5. Get your creative juices flowing and write a musical to perform at a local old people’s home.

6. Spend the day offering your time to visit lonely neighbours and elderly relatives who live alone.

7. Rearrange your house, have a good clear out and sell any unwanted items on one of the internet shopping sites, at a car boot sale, or have a garage sale of your own.

8. Relax, unwind, rejoice and remember time with your children, is precious even if you have to take a raincheck on getting together with your extended family, friends and neighbours this year.

9. On Christmas Eve have a secret swap, get out all your old DVDs and books for friends and neighbours to participate then spend Christmas day reading, watching movies and eating popcorn.

10. Spend the holiday thinking and planning. Your dreams and hopes for the New Year ahead are possible regardless of your circumstances right now and thinking about how you can make them come true is the 1st step.

Photo by: Karsten Winegeart Unsplash

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