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Beating The Blues
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Mental Health

Beating The Blues

Don’t choose to lose, beat the blues

I have talked hundreds of people down but having your life coach on hand at the precise unpredictable moment when those dark clouds hit and that wave of emotion floods over you is not always possible so improving your coping skills and being prepared ahead of time benefits anyone. We never know what's coming around the corner. 

So how do I beat the blues?

Carrying the whole world on your shoulders can leave you feeling depressed, tired, and constantly at a crossroads. We often lose sight of who we are, what we really feel and why we are lost and hopeless. Depression starts in the mind but the symptoms of depression, aches, pains, headache, exhaustion, weight loss, weight gain are physically dibilitating. Beating the blues takes courage and time to unravel the obstacles one by one, uncovering the reasons for our action driven behaviour (the things we do) to help us find the solutions to our problems.

You wake up, it’s raining, you are late for work again, you miss breakfast, your brolly is missing and to top it off it is your birthday and the postman is nowhere to be seen. If this sounds like you, the day ahead is unlikely to get better because once you are down you will project blame on everything and everyone except yourself.

Venus Cow says “Stop being a by product of your own misery.”

If you want to be happy, you have to put your mask on first before helping someone else in an emergency so declare yourself redundant from life for one day and spend it with yourself doing something you enjoy. Stepping out of the chaos allows you look in with an objective view and see clearly what state your life is really in. Changing the way you cope with things will change the way you feel. No matter what mess you have to face, burying your head in a bottle of booze or tub of ice cream will only prolong the inevitable feeling of failure and defeat.

Only you have the power to deliver happiness into your life so believe in yourself, take a leap of faith and make a change.

Venus Cow says “Don’t choose to lose, beat the blues."

What we believe we need to make us happy, centred and fulfilled is just like constantly chasing an illusion. We have to stop seeking approval from others and start listening to our own inner voice, the truthful one we are all very good at dismissing when it suits us. Most of our thinking is not real but deep rooted unconscious triggers made up of unnecessary rubbish we carry around like a heavy sack of coal.

We have to find that gap between the silence. When we learn to meditate and clear our thoughts of all the rubbish, the complaining, the self-doubt, we get to know the real self, the inner self and its amazing power to completely change how we think.

It’s very hard in this modern world to escape what we believe to be our reality and what we think we know to be true. We have to learn to respond to our inner instincts and stop missing our true purpose. The first step is to acknowledge as an adult we are in charge of our choices. In doing so common sense tells us we cannot therefore continue to blame others for our unfulfilled life. If you feel you are not in charge of your choices, are being bullied, terrorised, victmised or are sufferring under coersive control then seeking expert help immediately is required.

Go to your journal and make a list of everything you would change about yourself if you had a magic wand and then use your new found intuition to guide you towards a bright, more meaningful present by eliminating obstacles preventing change. Ask yourself the question, what is stopping you?

If you know in your heart, the person you live with is not making you happy, you have to say goodbye, feel the pain and move on. If the diet you choose is making you fat and in your heart you know you are a pig who eats too much, face the pain, make the change then reward yourself with the gain. If family members are suffocating you, stand up for yourself and separate yourself from the routine for a while. Make some space away from any friction or trauma in your life even if it's temporary. If you cannot create physical space immediately start with your private meditation and create space in your mind for  positive thoughts and ideas, space for new shoots to sprout.

Venus Cow says, "Whilst ever you are focused on your own internal drama your inner good sense is clouded and you are missing all kinds of amazing opportunities passing you by everyday."

Photo by: Michael Kilcoyne Unsplash


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