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How To Manage Misery
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How To Manage Misery
Venus Cow Admin / Tuesday, September 21, 2010 / Categories: Coping Strategies

How To Manage Misery

The key to happiness is not getting what you want but still wanting it after you have got it. We have all been conditioned to follow the patterns of tradition, modelling on others, leaving us all miserable with chaotic addictions and status anxiety. The never ending bulimic behaviour associated with filling the void.

The truth is you cannot buy a life in any High Street store, only stuff to put into a life, so keeping up with the Jones leaves you broke. The best way to combat misery is to be totally honest with yourself about the state of your life. 

If you are fat, frumpy and forgotten but still prefer to stuff your face with cream cakes, common sense tells us, you will always be fat. Changing the way you look at things will change the things you look at, so stop moaning and recognize, you are an adult in charge of your own choices. If you don't like the place you find yourself, track back to how you got there. Accepting your choices have led you to exactly where you are is the first step to doing things differently. It's all up to you.

Photo by: Krisina Tripkovic

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