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I Predict for 2021
Venus Cow Admin / Sunday, November 1, 2020 / Categories: Shirley Speaks Out, On Life

I Predict for 2021

If we don't all change soon

I predict not so much a riot but potential human extinction for 2021 (and not because of Covid 19)  if something rapid and radical doesn't happen soon in the big bad world of the self-obsessed selfie, social media driven platform lifestyle, tier 3 lockdown and fast track route to an unsustainable future for us all. Living your real everyday life without thought, going through the motions, until payday and the weekend, not questioning our leaders or the media is the one dimension most of us exist in right now and this can become very boring and self defeating. Add a pandemic into the mix, hopelessness from lockdowns and unemployment, often too much to bear, especially in a status driven culture and I am extremely busy as a free lifecoach.

In order to get through this mundane existence, many turn to sex, drugs, rock and roll, fast food comfort eating and shopping on credit for stuff in reality you cannot afford or don't really need, often just to look like somebody in the eyes of others which in my mind leads to a second dimension.

Creating a second life in your mind, in order to get through your real life and hopefully become somebody famous, rich and popular before your cover is blown is crazy because let’s face it, pretending to be something we are not, to please others is ridiculous, completely transparent and is why many of us are turning to a virtual technology existence for escapism, focusing too much attention to getting what we want in the moment instead of what we need for longterm happiness.

My predictions 2021 if people do not return to dimension one, their reality and real life, leaving all traces of fear, hash tag tweets, face book friends and Instagram moments frozen in time, things will become very scary indeed when we run out of money, energy and all the power gets cut off, cutting all contact with the virtual existence we are now all addicted to. If the natural resources on our planet continue to decline common sense tells us they will eventually run out and that means the end of the world as we know it.

I've already survived losing everything material and homelessness and got through alone without money but without health and everything in nature working together in harmony I now understand the power of a collective dark side and the future is way more terrifying than cancelling Christmas.

My advice if any of this relates to you is; begin to face the reality of your own life, instead of vicariously living through the lives of others you don't know and never will. Start asking yourself questions. What is the truth?

Learn to trust your instincts not your government then recognize you are you, you're unique and like everyone you have a dark side. When we get to know our dark side through meditation (the ugly side of ourselves we all have but seldom face) we begin to understand ourselves way better, the complete us and then begin to accept we can never be someone else, their life is already taken.

The good news is everything in the universe shifts immediately when we individually take a positive step  towards self awareness and self actualization. The moment you change the miracles start happening and I now know for a fact anything is possible.

Photo by: Eduardo Vázquez Unsplash

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