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Letting Go Of The Past
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Mental Health

Letting Go Of The Past

Think of your past as “unfinished business”

How to let go of the past?

The past has gone so to worry about it in the present, forces you to miss the future. We all make mistakes, bad choices, have regrets, wish we could turn back the clock. We all know if we could go backwards we would make the changes in our behaviour so if you are able to see how to change your life in the past, common sense tells you, you can also control your future.

Think of your past as “unfinished business” Guilt is usually a result of aggressive ego driven acts, thoughts which come from violating the values/rules of someone else. Confessing the past on paper by writing your guilt down will detach you from the anger inside which has made you self destructive.

The people you have treated badly

The lies you have told

The secrets you no longer want to keep

The things you want to change in your life.

Risks you should have taken.

Things you want to say to others.

Accepting blame for your mistakes.

This process of confessing will liberate you from your past and allow you to forgive yourself and others you have hurt or let down. True freedom comes from letting go. Taking responsibility for your actions gives you humility which becomes very attractive to others you meet.

Death comes to us all just some sooner than others. Losing someone you love is brutal, painful and very cruel, often keeping you in the past but your life goes on. It is important to remember the good times and how lucky you have been to feel such amazing emotion in your life, something we all crave and desire.

If you are remembering a past relationship through rosy coloured glasses and are unable to move on write down all the things you loved about your ex and all the things you hated. Chances are the latter will convince you why the relationship came to an end and if not this could be one time the past is worth revisiting.


Photo by Nickol Hykl/Pexels


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