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Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching, Personal Development


Don’t be a green eyed monster, it’s just not attractive.

Desiring something that belongs to someone else is ok if its something small like fashion or a hair style and looks as good on you as it does on them but desiring bigger material stuff, someone's car, boat or home, things you cannot afford or even worse, someone elses husband/partner or complete life is much more serious.

Jealousy in relationships is probably the most dangerous problem and because of insecurity can lead to violence leaving us completely drained with low self esteem. We have natural instincts that if we are happy, healthy and confident, work perfectly and they will make you automatically suspicious if someone is doing something wrong behind your back.

Don’t be controlling of others or over possessive.  When it comes to people you cannot take ownership of anyone except yourself. 

Asking yourself the question, "Am I jealous?" is the first step. Being brave enough to answer yourself truthfully is step two.

If you are jealous because you are insecure write down all the positive qualities you have and the things you are good at, building self esteem and reminding yourself how fantastic you really are. You can never be someone else, own someone else or make someone do what you want them to do. That’s what happens in jail, not in love or normal everyday life. Avoid things that trigger mood changes like drinking, drugs or over eating. Balance is the key to inner personal happiness.

The next time you feel that feeling of envy, jealousy or control make a note of what made you feel like that, then make a list of all your own positive qualities and achievements.

If you are fat and you are jealous of someone who is thin, learn to do something about it, not waste life being mean and bitter because in reality the thin girl has actually done the work and does not deserve to be hated but admired.

If you find yourself at a party and another woman is all over your husband or partner try to see this as a positive thing by feeling flattered and secure. He is going home with you remember and you should trust him. We are all unique and all have different qualities and desires that can change with age, time and the situation, so be confident about who you are and what you deserve in your life.

Venus Cow says, "Jealousy is like having cancer of the mind."

Photo by: Timothy Dykes Unsplash

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