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Recession Depression
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Recession Depression
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: On A Budget, Life Coaching, Coping Strategies

Recession Depression

It's amazing what you can do with stuff lying around

Plan ahead to combat recession depression at the holidays.

This year, once again, we will spend weeks and weeks, stuck in tradition, either stressed because we are broke or looking forward to something that goes by in the blink of an eye, costs a fortune and leaves us feeling as flat as a pancake.

Christmas comes but once a year, a time for family, fun, charity and cheer. In Hollywood, where the sun always shines, the way to celebrate usually takes place on a tropical beach or in a stylish ski resort like Aspen where money is no object. Mixing things up is easier when you see other people doing things differently. Travel is off the agenda this year 2020, but as everyone prepares for an unconventional holiday season anyway maybe this is the year to actually plan to do something different, within the restrictions.

"Aspiring to a rich lifestyle (or any lifestyle) when you have no money or this year, 2020 freedom will only leave you feeling unhappy."

The best way to beat the recession depression blues at Christmas makes sense and is easy to achieve by simply following this advice.

Stop trying to buy it. Create something amazing from what you already have. Shopping and excessive consumerism is wrecking the environment. Recognise it is not what you have but who you are that matters in life and people are way more important than presents. If you really want to boost your happiness meter give an alternative Christmas gift, your time to charity this year, modelling great behaviour for any children around you looking on. There is always someone out their much worse off than you that needs your help and ironically this kind of gift will give you much more lasting happiness in return.

Photo by: Kyle Head Unsplash

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