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You Are What You Eat Tutorial
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You Are What You Eat Tutorial
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials

You Are What You Eat Tutorial

The key to losing weight and feeling great is simple, we have to learn to change our bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle.

It would seem that when it comes to food, common sense goes right out the window, as we all search for the instant fix, lose weight quick diet, magic pills, potions or lotions. The key to losing weight and feeling great is simple, we have to learn to change our bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle.

The truth is diets do not work and the constant bulimic yo yo binging and starving ourselves leaves us with nothing but bad moods, stress and anxiety, not to mention feeling like a failure.

People can be addicted to food just like drugs and alcohol. A battle with compulsive over eating, food addiction, can last for years, so how do we begin to win the battle of the bulge?

It is our hearts desire to be healthy yet we are unable to find the discipline needed to avoid high fat, sugary foods, even though we know we are at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. We have to recognize that gastric band surgery is just a band aid/plaster for our emotional problems and no amount of cream cakes will ever fill the empty void.

Our feelings of self worth and misery lead us straight to the fridge and the more out of control our feelings get, the more compulsive our addictions become. Facing the fact we are miserable, unhappy and empty is not easy for any of us but we are not alone, so admitting you have a problem is where you start because until you do that, nothing is going to work. Before you reach for the food you are addicted to, think about how bad you will feel after you have eaten it and find something to do to take your mind off it, like going for a walk in the fresh air.

It is a fact most of those people who overeat use this as a distraction, eating for emotional reasons and not because they are hungry. So over eating and obsessing about food allow the strong over powering feelings we have about our emotions, that keep us stuck in misery, to take over. Cravings can come suddenly and find you stuffing your face without really enjoying or taking responsibility for what you are doing in the moment because people who have a balanced emotional state, stick to a balanced diet. Resisting these sudden cravings that get you eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits before you realize it, is about understanding your emotional needs, so you have to find something that will help you recognize this pattern, then trigger something in your brain to stop you before you over indulge.

The brutal truth is simple. Food works for us in the short term, the instant fix and becomes a way of coping to help you ease the pressure of your unwanted emotions, like anger, sadness, disappointment, fear and self-hatred. So we have to learn to give up the short term fix because in the long term it will not help you with personal development or a healthy body weight. It is hard to imagine a life with long term goals and plans but it is the only way to help set your free from your food addiction, which is not about loving food but about feeling bad.

Once you manage to resist over eating once, the next time will be so much easier. Keeping a journal of your journey and learning to believe in yourself is the key because once you start eating the right foods, you will be amazed at the lift in your moods.

Photo by Chance Agrella, courtesy of FreeRange

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