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10 Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Live Longer
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10 Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Live Longer
Venus Cow Admin / Sunday, April 17, 2016 / Categories: Life Coaching, Positive Thinking, Weight Loss

10 Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Live Longer

1. Recognize that what you put in your body as fuel will determine how long you last, we are what we eat. If you over do it with anything that you know is bad for you because you feel crap afterwards, you are never going to realise your tip top potential when it comes to health.

2. Stay away from anything processed, full of sugar, fizzy, fast, fried or full of saturated fat and stick to all the colors of the rainbow, reds, yellows, green, purples and blues. A top tip for living a long healthy life when it comes to food, eat purple sweet potatoes.

3. Give up drinking alcohol and as much as you believe your life will be shit and not worth living without it, trust me it won't as drinking too much is not about having fun, it's about blocking out your truth. How can you say you had a great night out when in reality you cannot remember any of it?

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Sleeping well and deep allows your internal organs to restore relax and rebuild themselves in order for you to wake refreshed ready to embrace the day with renewed vigor.

5. Walk at least 30 minutes everyday preferably before you eat anything as a brisk walk wakes up your metabolism and help burn calories. It is a fact that walking in the fresh air, taking in all the sounds of nature will refresh your senses and relax your mood and mind.

6. Meditate and take up yoga, learning how to slow down your mind and strengthen your core in order to become more supple, centered and strong.

7. Learn to laugh at yourself and then watch the rest of the world laugh with you. Happiness comes from giving to others so take up some of the time you complain you never have to volunteer your services to those who can truly benefit.

8. Drink eight glasses of still water every day, Cleansing your body enables you to feel much more in control of your mind because when you feel good inside it radiates outwards to the rest of the world.

9. Be grateful for everything you have and learn to share not just what you have materially but your time and knowledge too, accepting we don't always get what we want but are contented with what we need.

10. Discover your true purpose, take a leap of faith and give up the boring fulfilling job you spend your whole life bitching about but nothing to change. When you work at what you love, you never work again.


Photo by: Bill Oxford

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