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Address The Fat Facts
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Address The Fat Facts
Venus Cow Admin / Wednesday, October 12, 2011 / Categories: Lifestyle Choices, Wellbeing, Weight Loss

Address The Fat Facts

In the UK right now we have an obesity problem that is so great it could potentially take down and kill our whole health care system, leaving little help for those sick people who desperately need it.

Currently two million in the UK suffer from diabetes which is related to obesity and 750.000 don't yet know they have it. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and now affects teenagers and young children who are also suffering from liver disease.

In the current economic downturn where everyone is feeling the pinch, it seems poverty and obesity is an oxymoron. Half the world is starving to death and the other half eating themselves to death. Common sense tells us if we eat less and exercise more we will keep fit, trim and healthy and the brutal truth tells us, if we eat like pigs, we will look like pigs.

Over eating 10 bags of crisps and 10 jam donuts is NOT a disease, it is a choice, a bad choice. The time has come for us all to stop being kind and PC about fat and recognize obesity is the result of an out of control appetite for addiction and the truth needs an airing. We are all greedy victims of over consumption and supermarkets have to take some responsibility for killing folk off with too much sugar and salt in cheap over processed food.

We only know what we know until we know something else, so pretending to ourselves that being fat is OK is fatal for our NHS health service, and over consumption of limited resources is especially unfair for those who are sick and dying through no fault or choice of their own. Our body is a finely tuned machine and works perfectly on its own. It needs the right fuel like your car to keep it in tip top shape and giving optimum performance so we have to take care of it if we don;t want it to break down.

The truth is simple if you are fat and want to be thinner, eat less!

Photo by: Social Cut Unsplash

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