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How Do I Change? Meet The Mind Detective In Leicester
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How Do I Change? Meet The Mind Detective In Leicester
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, July 27, 2019 / Categories: News, VC News

How Do I Change? Meet The Mind Detective In Leicester

Homeless in LA, Shirley sold her 1st book on Venice Beach for survival.
Shirley was photographed by the Leicester Mercury on her return to the UK having lost her millions

In her free talk therapy sessions it’s the question Shirley gets asked more than any other, "How Do I Change?" and her answer is always the same. “You already know how to change” 

Of course the simple answer is everyone knows how to change, that’s obvious and common sense, you just change, the difficult part is actually doing it. Shirley has uncovered through self talk and self study how to flick the switch when she suffered her own mental health hell for a time. How you do this is all connected to how you have been programmed by your environment and your past life trauma in your subconscious over your lifetime. And she's here to help show you; how you can switch the switch to switch you on too.

Over the last 14 years Shirley has proved it is possible to change everything in your life after losing millions, facing homelessness and near death and now as she releases of her fourth book The Mind Detective published by Austin Macauley she wants to share with the world the secret to how she has managed to rebuild her life and business from scratch with nothing, on the dole in Leicester, UK aged 50 and all the while coaching people for free and helping them through the same process. 

Could hard work be the cure for mental illness? 

None of us are immune to daily pressures and stresses placed upon us by life but it's how we talk to our selves, the language we use in our inner dialogue that makes the difference between how we really feel about things and often coping or not.

Are you down in the dumps, live in Leicester and in need of some inspiration? 

Do you sometimes feel inadequate, insecure, worthless and unloved? 

Are you broke or on a budget and looking for a free fun night out in Leicester? 

Do you feel alone, afraid and isolated sometimes?

Are you looking to connect with more people in Leicester? 

Do you absolutely hate your job but feel trapped in the cycle of needing the money so you cannot quit?

Are you constantly trying to please others but ending up feeling bitter and resentful instead? 

Are you single and long to be coupled up? 

Are you in a bad relationship desperate to be free? 


Meet The Mind Detective - Live and Free Events Leicester - So What’s It All About? Click the link to watch the latest event.


Shirley began public speaking engagements in 2006
She has worked with many charities, particularly smaller charity EOW Eva Organisation For Women

Shirley’s goal is to switch everybody on, flick your switch with a massive surge of power from her, to a new way of being, to show everyone clearly the tools they have at their disposal. These tools we all possess but for most, they are currently still in the box untouched, shiny and new ready to be taken out, examined and put to work. 

Get ready to feel a little uneasy, a little scared, a little confrontational and then a whole lot better. 

And that’s therapy!!! 

Thank you to the Belmont Hotel, Leicester (free parking) for partnering with us on this local community free talk therapy event. 

Only the brave. See you all at the next one hosted by MIBA in Loughborough, 5th September, 2019 at 7pm. If you would like to be kept up to date and receive an invitation to other FREE EVENTS we are hosting please add yourself to our mailing list by clicking the link. You can rest assured you will NOT be bombarded with marketing emails. We don't do that.

If you would like to find out more about free talk therapy subscribe to The Mind Detective on You Tube.

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