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Love Addiction
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: My Budget, Lifestyle Choices, Relationships

Love Addiction

Is a state of mind

Are you addicted to love? Does the thought of being in love consume you? Did you pick your wedding dress before your husband?

The love drug is the most powerful and dangerous of all addictions, not that Venus Cow is down on love, merely questioning how the quest for it can take over our lives, cost us a fortune and actually make us unhappy.

It's a fact you cannot look for love only attract it.

Lesson number one.

So you want to be in love. If most of your conversation revolves around, getting a man, having sex with a man or complaining about a man you have forgotten about yourself. Like any addiction the more you have the more you want, the quest for love becomes all consuming and before you know it you're playing "All By Myself" on full volume with 10 bars of chocolate and a case of wine.

The male and female species are diametrically opposed when it comes to love. Unlike women whose brains are wired differently, men cannot think and feel at the same time. Simply put when they are loving you they are not thinking and when they are thinking they are not loving you.

Once you recognise this you will also recognise being preoccupied with looking outward, will he text, will he call, is the road to a straight jacket and confinement in a sanatorium.

Try going cold turkey and give up your phone for a month. It's unthinkable. Now's the time to work on changing the way you think.

Don't think about what you will lose. Instead focus on all the money you will save and all the extra time you will have to yourself to work on being fabulous and happy from the inside out. Remember in the end you'll naturally attract yourself. And if that's not a good incentive to be fantastic and stay motivated then keep on wondering why you can't find love. Honestly, stopping looking is the key.

Photo by: Andrey Zvyagintsev Unsplash

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