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Why Do I Need A Free Life Coach?
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching Tutorials

Why Do I Need A Free Life Coach?

A free life coach is essential as the true beauty of life is a very difficult thing to navigate when the person in charge of its destination, you, is inexperienced and not sure which direction to follow.

In order to discover peace, happiness and personal success you have to make a shift but without knowledge of wisdom knowing what to do leaves most people who have never explored personal development or self therapy completely at a loss. When we reach a crossroads in life and by this I mean, we have choices to make, unless we have life skills, confidence and purpose, we are likely to make the wrong ones and end up miserable, defeated and stuck in a rut with little hope of change, until we win the lottery.

The chances of winning the lottery are about the same as getting a marriage proposal from George Clooney, possible but unlikely, so wasting your valuable time, life is short remember, is a huge mistake when seeking true happiness over the life you have become stuck and entrenched in. We are all guilty of expecting miracles without doing the work to deserve them and we are all guilty of blaming others when things don’t go our way because if we had to face ourselves, we probably wouldn’t like what we see.

A life coach is someone who from a non-emotional place with an objective common sense assessment of your situation, helps you unravel your chaos by providing practical positive ways to change the way you think, in order to get the things you need to be able to change your unsatisfactory life into a life you love.

It is impossible to be confident if you don’t naturally understand what confidence actually is. We only know what we know, so unless someone with insight and knowledge guides you through the steps needed to discover your inner powers and unique talents, you remain stuck and often desperate. Being desperate is why we end up blocking out our truth by turning to alcohol, drugs or food, to create fake confidence, the instant fix of escapism and comfort, none of which will help us get towards the life we deserve.

Working with a free life coach in order to work on yourself will help you get motivated and keep you focused on achievable goals, set by you and executed through keeping a personal journal where you track progress and monitor mistakes. I recommend to all my patients (I am not a doctor) keeping a daily journal to begin with. Writing things down helps to unravel and log your thoughts. The process of journalling is about having some private time alone, just for you, to begin the process of facing your demons, dreams and disastrous dilemmas, holding you back from moving forward. Writing things down reaffrims and connects you back to the thoughts you may struggle to own in therapy.

Anything is possible once you understand the obstacles keeping you stuck. And you'll be surprised when you can begin to admit and then laugh about your mistakes and failings you are well on your way to putting the behaviours behind you and never going there again. It is in the act of overcoming your ego to confess your weakness your real power and strength lies, and when you tap in it's formidable and can be relied upon in all and every situation.

Your life is a gift and what you do with it, is your gift back, so by understanding why you keep doing the same things, making the same mistakes, you begin to take personal responsibility, begin to really enjoy the unpredictability of it in the moment and begin to value every bit of it.

The brutal truth is something none of us want to hear especially those of us who have given up, assuming life sucks, so just getting through it, is a monumental task on its own but without it we are destined to fail in everything we do.

If you are fat and hate yourself and your body, you don’t need anyone to tell you this because you already know and immediately feel judged, miserable and desperate to eat everything in your fridge. (You might be a perfectly healthy weight but hate your job, your partner, your life in general) Facing you are unhappy and unable to do anything about it because you have no will power, even when your GP has warned you, if you don’t change, your health could be a risk, is the brutal truth you have to face.

This is not judging, not blaming but you know and can identify, from the uncomfortable feelings you experience when mentioned, denial on your part. Think about if you were the doctor trying to help and your advice was completely ignored. Facing your weakness as well as your complete disrespect and disregard for your GP who is the expert, not you, is tough for sure. It would be hard for anyone to face they would rather ignore the unpleasant truth, from a professional enlisted to help, their valuable important advice delivered to help keep you alive.

Ask yourself this question, why would anyone with a brain choose to slowly kill themselves knowingly just because they could not change their lifestyle? It is a type of madness but completely understandable once we are able to face the truth and discover the cause.

If you hate your job so much it has made you sick and constantly visiting the doctor in order to get signed off, you have to recognise this is not the best way to feel happy and inspired because when we work at what we love, we never work again and never need a sick note! No matter how bad your job is or how much you hate it, the truth is until you know what you really want to do, it is just a means to an end, not a life sentence. Life coaching will help you in this case, learn time management skills which will allow you find time to work out what you love, what you really want to do and practical positive ways to map out a plan to get you the dream job, your own business or the life you dreamed about before, chaos and bad choices took you down to the depths of despair.

Don’t delay and get on your way and never waste another day because life is short, time is precious and no one can change anything about your life, except you. The life coach is your lifeboat, so get on board and begin your journey to success and happiness.

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