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Understand Emotional Loss When Quitting Smoking
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Understand Emotional Loss When Quitting Smoking
Venus Cow Admin / Sunday, September 8, 2013 / Categories: Lifestyle Choices, Addictive Patterns, Life Coaching

Understand Emotional Loss When Quitting Smoking

Chemical dependency comes from smoking nicotine and is one of the most intense, repetitive and dependable relationships you will ever have, as it will dominate almost every aspect of your life and your thinking. I smoked on and off for most of my life giving up this time, since my near death experience except for the odd one now and again, 10 years.

I understand the power of a nicotine buzz or that compulsive dependency and I also understand the willpower it takes to give up smoking cold turkey, so I wanted to share some insight for those considering giving up into the emotional loss you will experience when trying to give up. Be prepared to experience a normal sense of emotional loss when trying to quit smoking that gradually takes you through the following stages.

1. You will convince yourself you are quitting at the end of the pack or tomorrow or after Christmas, as a New Year resolution. This is called the denial stage.

2. Next you feel complete rage because you just don’t want to give up. This is called the anger stage.

3. Now you will be doing a deal with yourself to work out how to have your cake and eat it. This is called the bargaining stage.

4. Failing at every stage and still wanting to smoke more than give up. This is called the depression stage.

5. If your strong enough eventually you will find the will to finally quit. This is called the acceptance stage.

6. Finally we have the thing to watch out for the most once you have quit and this is the complacency stage.

These emotional stages are a necessary part of your full recovery and commitment to quitting smoking for life because understanding the emotional road you need to travel to find the success you deserve and much healthier lungs, will help you quit.


Photo by: Alev Takil Unsplash

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