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The Present
Venus Cow Admin / Saturday, November 7, 2015 / Categories: Life Coaching, Mental Health

The Present

Most of the negative thoughts we concentrate on are usually related to worries about our future or fixating on and resenting things we have done in the past. By doing this we are not living in the present.

It makes no sense worrying about the future as we never live in the future. We only have the present and it is not called the present for nothing. This moment is a gift.

Most of our time in the present is spent worrying about things that have already past, our poor judgement or mistakes or potentially will never happen. It is easy for anyone to see wasting time on something imaginary is pointless. Meditation and listening to your inner voice will lift you, having faith in the things you trust and your heart's desire will allow you to make plans and take action in the present. All of which are free.

Remove all unnecessary possessions and minimalise your life to live in the present. Doing this dissassociates you from your past leaving you free to maximise the present. Set yourself some goals and plan for the future but consciously stop worrying about tomorrow,

"Tomorrow never comes."

Conquer your addictions with some personal self therapy. Any behaviour pattern you justify in your mind as OK because you enjoy it. They are holding you hostage and costing you money. Remove them one by one. Take the pressure off and go a little easier on yourself. You can only do one thing at once. You can only live one moment at a time.

Photo by: John Baker Unsplash

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