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Bottom Boosting Pants? What Next?

You have to give it to Asda, bless them, for coming up with an inexpensive way to give those women with a normal shape bottom, the chance to look like Kim Kardashian or J Lo with their peachy, fake bum pants at £6 a pair. It seems that many women and young girls are unhappy with the shape of their bodies and skinny is not in anymore, as most would do anything and I mean anything to have curves like Kim and Jenny from the block.

I went into Asda today to...

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Is Christmas Becoming Miss Havisham?

I keep trying really hard to escape anything to do with Christmas but where ever I go, I end up being forced to listen to jingle bells or people rushing around stressed because they have not got Uncle Bob his woolly socks yet and there is only 4 weeks left to go. What is wrong with everyone? They must be depressed that this one day in December has this endless build up starting in October with subliminal festive music creeping in on TV ads and not ending until...

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Ultimate Top Ten Tips For An LA Body

We all crave the perfect body, spend hours convincing ourselves the New Year’s resolutions this year will pay off but who are we kidding, except ourselves because come January 1st the weight problem will have just got even bigger.

I have compiled the essential top ten ways to achieve that LA Body, a regime that works, is not easy and most are unable to even think about, let alone attempt. My brutal truth...

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Is Money The Be All and End All Of Happiness?

If you cannot be happy poor, you will never be happy rich. It is only when you are forced to live without money that you get to recognize how much stress and worry a life without money can bring and with stress and worry comes lines and wrinkles. Although you cannot buy a life at Harrods, only stuff to put into a life, so getting a life is critical. I stand by the following top tips to help get you started on your new path to being happy with or without money. If you had a call...

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The Common Sense Effect

When I decided to live a controlled indulgence lifestyle, this is being able to have what you desire now and again without being greedy and overdoing it, I had no idea how much it would change me and how my body worked. I look forward to having the occasional blow out where I can eat a bag of chocolate toffees in one go or drink a few martinis but very often I actually end up talking myself out of doing either. For me feeling healthy and looking younger without surgery or spending a...

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Destined For Greatness

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved, a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos. I am a great believer in the saying what will be, will be because in reality if we want something badly enough, we can make it happen, remembering the secret to happiness is not getting what you want but still wanting it once you have got it.

My own destiny...

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Getting In The Spirit

I am and always will be capable of drinking a drunk under the table, after being brought up in poverty by a tough as old boots Glaswegian alcoholic mother and a workaholic father, so the subject matter today is right up my street and a subject I now teach others about. I have been pretty much tee total for the past 10 years, after a lifetime partying, boozing and generally living my life in the dangerous but fun filled choppy waters of the dark side, that was until I discovered how...

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Relationship Advice For Unhappy Men

Men are simple creatures with simple needs, like fuck me and feed me, so it is no wonder relationships and marriages are crumbling, when the women in their lives are expecting a perfect Prince to make it all better by changing, in order to hen peck them to death, with holding sex as the ultimate punishment.

This expectation of you, to be able to know what a woman is thinking without her communicating her needs and desires, is the reason most men fail to get the...

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Relationship Advice For Unhappy Men
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The Thinking Behind Overthinking It

Madness creeps in little by little and is becoming a rapidly growing problem in this current culture where all our thoughts are channelled by big brand marketing, telling us what we should do and buy in order to be happy and accepted by others. With this type of manufactured thinking, fuelled by desire, greed and a want it now mentality, there is no room for intrusive thoughts, those thoughts you have no control over because they are always there to tell you the truth....

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The Human Condition Called Tradition

Sometimes I feel like a complete alien, living in a world I don't understand and in some ways really hate because it just does not make sense to me and most are oblivious as to why they do the things they do, come what may. Today is Halloween, a yearly ritual of pumpkin carving, dressing up like ghouls, ghosts and gremlins, trick or treating, any excuse to stop thinking about real life for a while. This kind of pointless tradition serves no purpose in reality and has become part...

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Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Over-buying and compulsive shopping behaviour is no different to binge eating. The empty emotional hole that you’re trying to fill with clothing will never be satisfied and I know as an ex shopaholic. Shopping offers a temporary high and often excessive shopping can become a coping method to distract yourself from the real underlying problem, you are unhappy and unfulfilled. You believe shopping is the answer to all your prayers!

The problem with this...

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Compulsive Shopping Disorder
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Is Comfort Eating A Mental Illness?

I was reading in the press today an article about comfort eating and how this is becoming a mental illness. As a life coach who deals with this problem on a daily basis I can tell you right now, comfort eating has nothing to do with being mentally ill. The act of subconscious over eating, i.e. that one biscuit which turns into bingeing the whole packet, is nothing more than a bit of...

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Swap Your Reason For The Festive Season

Is this going to be the last Christmas where you spend months working, then cooking, cleaning, planning, stressing and shopping and recognise it is a madness called status anxiety? This very compulsive dangerous activity is connected to status, misery and pattern behaviour, which leaves most of us in debt for months just because we choose to over spend for one day.

We have to remember what Christmas is all about and not get bogged down and depressed because in...

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Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

Last night I watched a really powerful film, Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job” about the biggest heist in history and it got me thinking about my own financial downfall when my bubble burst during the dot com crash in 2000. This huge "dot bomb" crash, as it was known, was estimated to have cost investors, like myself, 3 trillion dollars.

In financial markets a stock market bubble is a self-perpetuating rise or boom in share...

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Out Of Control Supermarkets Killing Their Customers?

I was really shocked to read an article in the paper today about how the big supermarkets are throwing away much of the fresh fruit and salad they stock because it is past the sell by date, their customers prefering junk food. Many families are living on the breadline right now and have been forced to buy cheap food, not understanding what they are buying or how to control portion size because the supermarkets are producing bigger portions without telling the customer. The food...

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Try Before You Fly

So today is the last day of my trip to Spain. I have noticed during my time here that our world economy is in real trouble. I find it hard to understand how such a beautiful place with wall to wall sunshine right through to the end of October and packages currently so cheap that places like Marbella are not thriving. 

I travelled here on budget airline Ryan Air and have to say with all honesty it was the most stressful experience considering...

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Always Looking Forward To Or Getting Over....

Any of you who follow me will know how anti alcohol I am. This is not from a judgmental place but from a place of pure observation and personal experience. I am currently on a short break in Marbella after finding what I thought was a good deal on the Internet. I have been to Marbella many times and enjoyed many alcohol driven lunches and partying in the past but this trip has shown me something I have not seen before.

I am sitting by a pool at 10am in the...

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Surviving In Hollywood On A Budget

Finding myself penniless and trapped in Hollywood, the wrong side of 40  was my worst nightmare and so the incentive to look as good as Sharon Stone, on a budget, was born. I had heard on the LA grapevine some really simple ways to not looking old before your time, like always sleeping on your back to prevent folds and wrinkles in your skin, rubbing an ice cube over your face daily in order to give your facial muscles a workout and drinking 8 large glasses of water...

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Surviving In Hollywood On A Budget
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Feed Your Mind Not Your Addiction

We are constantly bombarded with subliminal messages encouraging us to shop till we drop and because this is what we believe will make us all happy, be accepted by others and help keep the economy boosted and moving we buy in. As consumerism becomes a measure of our social worth we need to face it, we have all been led up the wrong garden path because living your life riddled with constant debt worries is just not sustainable or healthy for our happiness. Happiness is not getting...

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Buy New And The Joke’s On You Maybe?

When I had money to burn and shopping for designer luxury was my only purpose, dropping a few grand on a Tiffany watch was never a problem but when I was starving  a few years later, I discovered something that became a massive problem for me.

"What do you mean my Tiffany watch is only worth 100 quid" I said to the greedy second-hand dealer, ready to offer me a fraction of what I paid for it new only one year earlier....

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Ten Ways To Have a Happier Festive Season

The current economic climate globally has led to many people losing their jobs, resulting in families having to scrimp and save every penny in order to get by. With December 25 just around the corner, waves of anxiety have spread across the country, leaving a lot of people wondering how they will manage to survive.

When it comes to beating the blues of January debt and depression, don’t make the mistake of listening to everyone else. Think only about...

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How Changing The Way You Think Will Transform Your Life

Life to me is like a book and we all read it. Happiness is a true blessing and we all need it. Happiness comes from escaping your denial by learning to smile because we are all here for just a while. Life is never about fitting in, it’s about being yourself. The past can reflect who you are today but may not reflect who you are in the future because it’s not always about how long you try but about how hard you try.

If you spend your time...

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How To Stay Young and Vibrant

How do I stay young, is the most frequently asked question by women suffering with status anxiety, forever looking outward for the instant fix, the miracle creams, the magic lotions, powerful potions or plastic surgeon but in reality we are what we eat, so beauty comes from within. If you spend your life obsessed with how you look, you will never be happy because the more you fret about what is wrong with you, the less time you have to nurture what is amazing about...

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Porn Education Cures Addictive Masturbation

I am horrified to see the facts around porn addiction and young men in today's web and technology culture, where few communicate face to face, many cannot spell because of texting and most get there unlimited sexual fantasies on-line. Internet porn is where our young men are learning to dominate sexually and our young women are being subjected to humiliation as a result. If you can imagine when a young male, already dealing with testosterone issues, is learning life...

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How To Work Yourself Out

You would imagine it would be simple to know who you are and be able to work yourself out when life delivers curve ball obstacles but the truth is, it is at these times we turn to something outward, like alcohol, sugar, sex etc. to hide behind.


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How To Work Yourself Out
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The Truth About Chocolate

I will admit, once upon a time, going from being a shopaholic to a chocaholic almost overnight which led me to gain some unwanted weight in all the wrong places and left me feeling pretty miserable and unhealthy. These days, since enlightenment and some education about what is real chocolate and what are just sugar and toxins, I avoid anything white, milk and go only for 80% cocoa dark.

The truth is anything that is addictive is bad for you. When I was growing up...

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Life After Social Media?

I am really worried about young people right now who are subjected to the massive pitfalls of having their every move played out on the internet, in order to be popular and liked by complete strangers, often disguised as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  When I read almost every day in the media, stories about teenagers hanging themselves because they are victims of cyber bulling, it makes my blood boil and my fighting back spirit...

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Grey Is For The Days We Must Try Harder

So yesterday was one of those dull, dark, grey days, that keeps you locked up indoors with cabin fever going stir crazy, fighting off the feelings of depression and wishing you could just book a one way flight to paradise. Even I admit to feeling a little low energy yesterday but I put that down to missing my five mile daily walk in the countryside because the sky opened up and the rain poured.

I really work hard on days like these because I truly hate to see...

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For Menopause - Houmous And A Healthy Lifestyle

I am a great believer in quality of life and making sure every day is the best one yet. After a near death experience and being forced have a full hysterectomy at 48, it was a no brainer for me to begin talking HRT. I am a big fan of this medicine which helps keep menopause at bay and me from becoming itchy, bitchy, scratchy, moody, bloated, dried up and miserable.

My top tip for menopause, if HRT is out, is to start introducing houmous and chick peas as much as...

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Keep Young and Keep A Healthy Happy Heart

Looking good when you are in middle age is really tricky for most of us who just don't have the money or the life we think we need to be fabulous. There are some simple common sense rules you need to understand when it comes to turning back the clock and being the best you can be; and sit down before reading.

1. Give up alcohol, coffee and drink water, green tea.

2. Stop smoking and exercise daily.

3. Eat 1500 calories...

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Keep Young and Keep A Healthy Happy Heart
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